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Click - Creating Cohesive Teams

You understand your people are your greatest asset & your team works well together but you also know it could be better. Unlock your team's full potential by discovering their Natural Gifts & Abilities while learning more about their strengths & understanding where they can be the greatest asset to your business.

Click isn't like any traditional Team Building activities but rather is a tailored system that is designed to help your company maximise productivity & engagement by truly understanding every single person in your organisation. We'll work directly with you to see where there is a perfect fit & where there isn't and what needs to change to make that alignment happen.

Many businesses follow a similar pattern with 20% of our people being actively engaged, 70% coming into work & simply doing their job & 10% disengaged with what they do. Each group needs to have a unique approach.

Employee Split within a Business

The Engaged - These are the people you love to see on a Monday morning. They are passionate about what they do & make your life a whole lot easier. Here we want to ensure :

  • Their role accurately fits their Aptitudes/Temperament to ensure their engagement continues
  • Your Succession plan for them aligns with their Aptitudes
  • They are being managed in the way that fits them

The Average Worker - The majority of our team will fall into this category. They come in & get the job done but aren't actively passionate about what they do. So how do we fully engage them?

  • Compare their job description with their Aptitudes/Temperament to see where any gaps are
  • Identify strengths that aren't currently being utilised
  • Examine systems, procedures & management styles to ensure they support rather than constrain

The Disengaged - Here is where we can spend the most time with seemingly the least result. These people actively don't enjoy their work & are purely there for the payday. But no-one wants to actively dislike their role so we help you discover:

  • What weaknesses are constantly exposed & what strengths are underutilised in their role
  • Is there tasks within the company they could be exceptional at
  • Are there particular frameworks in place that are causing the active disengagement

What is Involved?

Every employee within the company goes through our in depth Aptitude & Temperament Assessment which tells us all about their Individual Strengths, how that relates to their current position, how they work within a team & how they prefer to be managed. We can then begin looking at their current role, seeing what fits perfectly & identifying potential areas of weakness. During consultation with you & your team we'll create a strategic plan to boost your productivity & your bottom line, while ensuring maximum engagement by every single member of your team

Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can work with you to maximise your productivity on 0508 777 555 or info@ad.org.nz