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Achievement Discoveries brings you natural gifts testing at its very best.

Would you be satisfied having people working in positions that are different from their skills? It would not be logical to have the accountant working as chief engineer, or the marketing manager supervising distribution. But this is what is happening in many businesses and organisations. Various surveys report between 60% to 80% of people do not like their work. The impact of this is poorer productivity and lower workplace morale, these people find work a chore.

It is costly in both time and money to gain qualifications for most professions or careers. Many are disappointed that having spent all that time, effort and money to qualify only to find it does not fit them or they dislike it. They may have climbed the ladder of success only to find that it is leaning against the wrong wall. 

The question is “How many of the people in your organisation possess the natural gifts required for this or that position?” Or maybe you are asking, “Why is it so hard to get things completed in our organisation?”

Achievement Discoveries natural gifts testing can help provide the answers to such questions with information that is practical, relevant and very comprehensive.

For most businesses and organisations the salary and wages cost is the largest P&L expense. Therefore it should have the highest attention to ensure people are doing what effortlessly fits their natural abilities. Knowing your people are in roles that fit them is the first step to high productivity, better profit and a stable workforce. Your organization is too important to leave the people/position match only to past experience.

Aptitudes are a person’s natural gifts or talents, those special abilities to learn or do certain things with ease. By knowing the aptitude pattern of each person you can find the mismatches and correct these. With everyone fitting what they are doing people find it easier and enjoy their work more. 

Discovering the natural gifts in an organization is exciting, you usually find abilities that people have that are not being used and can benefit the company or organization and revitalise that person's work.

Your results from Achievement Discoveries becomes a key tool in people placement - Should we have that person doing that work, will they enjoy it, will they be good at it? When a company has each person in the right position the productivity and team satisfactions is greatly increased.

Often we find position descriptions that have a combination of responsibilities that are impossible for one single person to do efficiently. Key natural abilities have opposite abilities on each end.

Positions descriptions that have a combination of tasks that require a person to have natural abilities on both ends would not make sense.

This would be like saying that a person needs to be right handed for this task and to be left handed for the next task. An organization needs to ensure wherever possible that a role can be well filled by one person.

Natural Gifts & More™ is the foundation tool to achieve long term productivity, job satisfaction and a positive company culture. Knowing the natural gifts of each person, the collective strengths of a division, department and the full organisation gives an amazing insight into people strengths available to the organization.

The main assessment in Natural Gifts and More™ is natural abilities; which are fully developed by age 16 with very little change through our working life. Therefore it is a tool that can be used for many years.

Good communication in an organisation is vitally important, using the information from Natural Gifts and More™ gives a tool to be able to communicate in a more precise and effective way.

Finding the right people to replace key staff in any company or organization can be a time consuming and expensive exercise. Price Waterhouse Cooper estimate the cost is 160% to 180% of the annual salary. One of the assessments from Natural Gifts and More™ gives an indication of how long it will be before the person will want to change position or career.

We also use the results from the Natural Gifts and More™ to achieve excellent results with executive coaching, managing performance issues and conflict resolution. 

Natural Gifts and More™ provide an amazing insight into a person’s abilities. By knowing your pattern you have an insight that is a tool for career success and fulfilment.

Managing poor performance or people conflict can be a challenging task. When you have an insight into the reasons why a person is frustrated in their work, you can help them. By having the right information you can be proactive in changing tasks or roles of your people. “Work is only work if you would sooner be doing something else.” When we are passionate about the work we do we find it easy because our natural abilities fit the role we are working in.

Your company or organizations people-position match is too important to leave to guess work, so contact us today to be equipped with the knowledge of yourself, your department, division or organisation to have better productivity and everyone loving the work they do.

Once you know your aptitude result you have a comprehensive pattern that will provide a compass for your working life. Your investment in Natural Gifts and More™ will provide an insight into your team's natural abilities. Your organization or company will be a different workplace if everyone is doing the work they are passionate about.

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