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These are our specialty and most popular Training Courses.
All of our programmes can be customised to your specific
requirements, industry or business.

Business Owners Profiling – Running your own business can present many challenges, this powerful programme gives an insight to who you are and therefore how you should manage your business. Of the many hats you can be wearing in the business this will show you the ones that really fit and those that should be delegated to others. This dynamic insight will change the way you run your business and manage your team.

People Stock Take – For most business’s today the wages bill is the single largest cost. Knowing the strengths, natural abilities and hidden talents of the team will give a powerful insight and tool to efficiently manage the team, identify those in the wrong position and build productivity.

Pre-Recruitment Assessment – It all starts with the right people in the right positions, this powerful and thoroughly researched tool will provide definitive information on the suitability of the applicant’s natural abilities to any position. With 60% to 70% of people not liking their work you need those that are the best match to ensure productivity, passion and enthusiasm.

Maximizers© – Achieving authentic success is about developing the habits and thinking that brings sustained and balanced success. This programme will challenge and change your team with sustained results through the learning, application and forum process as we work with your team over a full year. Not for those who believe the in myth of magical one shot training.

Team Building – Having your team working in harmony and synergy to make your business more productive with a work environment that both encourages and develops the team. Leap frog the team with a series of tools that show the strength and accelerated performance attained when we are all pulling together. Motivate your team to build loyalty and passion for the company.

Personality Profiling – A powerful insight into the strengths and uniqueness of each of our personality types combined with a fun and creative understanding of why we are the way we are, and how others function. This programme will make a revolutionary difference in building tolerance, effectiveness and identifying strengths and ways to manage and communicate with others.

Power Goal Setting and Achieving – Principles that give real traction to setting and reaching focused goals on a persistent and consistent basis. Discover principles that really work as we embrace corporate vision with passion. Clear goal setting with checks and balances will ensure we are on track for significant bottom line impact.

Sales Training – Choose from a range of modules that really impacts sales results including: Selling into Personalities, Questioning Techniques, Applying Sales Aptitudes, and Increasing Sales Values.

Communication Skills – Did our audience really hear what we said? Learn about communicating to different personality types, how to get people to really listen. Increase profit, work more effectively and understand how to fully engage the mind of the listener.

Effective Customer Relations – From first impression to retaining existing customers and growing your client base, show your team how to give excellent customer service so your business has that most cost effective advertising “Word of Mouth”. Handle the difficult customer with ease and make your clients want to come back for more.

Change Management – Bringing about change in an organisation can present many challenges. Takeovers, mergers, downsizing all will go smoother with the dynamic programme that looks at techniques to bring about change in a positive and motivational way.

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